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Lip Volume Enhancer
Lip Volume Enhancer
Lip Volume Enhancer
Lip Volume Enhancer
Lip Volume Enhancer

Lip Volume Enhancer

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Intelligent deflated designed to avoid bruising and injury when shut off to take away from your lips.
The touching end is made by comfortable feeling rubber silicone, the shape is designed according to big data of human lip geometry, to make sure to provide the best result for every client.
Three gears power type to choose: low, medium, high, you could find the most suitable suction power and most satisfaction fullness that you are looking for.
Unique color, build-in 300mah battery make it quite outstanding from other similar products in the market.
Perfect hand-size, lightweight, LED lights indicator, CE RoHs FDA certificated.
How To Use:
1. Allow lip serum/balm/gloss to absorb for 60 seconds.
2. To get a very well plump up, try sticking your tongue out a little and making a bit of a "Duck lips" face.
3. Power on the device, select the according to intensity level, and press the mouthpiece firmly against your lips for 15 seconds, creating a tight seal for suction.
4. If the suction is perfect, the lip pump will stick to your lips even you power it off. Slowly and gently wiggle the pump until it comes off easily.
5. If the result is not SATISFYING, you can do Round 2.
1. Make sure your lips are not chapped or have any minor cuts or bruises.
2. Read the instruction first and start with gently & slowly suction.
3. It may leave a red line around your mouth and a bluish-purple mark on your lips that can be mistaken for a light bruise. Light bruising can occur if you overdo it with treatments.
4. Results may vary from person to person. 
5. When the lip suction plumper is out of battery, it will not create a vacuum. So it’s time to charge. 
Name: Electric Lip Plumper Device
Material: ABS+Silicone
Battery Capacity:300mAH
Charging time: 40 minutes 
Using Time: 30 minutes
Suction Level: Low, Medium, High (Three levels)
Package Included:  
1*Lip Plumper Device
1*USB Cable
1*User Manual 
Packed in a retail box

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